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Richard Pete Hill

DEI Consultant//Keynote Speaker

 "Richard’s knowledge of equity, diversity, and
inclusion is impressive."



Richard Pete Hill, CEO of R.H. Hill Consulting, is enthusiastic about sharing his leadership knowledge and experience. Pete grew up in Mississippi and served in the US Army. His upbringing and military experiences have significantly influenced his worldview. During his military service, he completed two combat missions in Iraq and was deployed to Germany and Korea. Living overseas exposed him to a variety of cultures and languages, which greatly influenced his training methods.

Richard's peers and clients hold him in high regard for his expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion. They also appreciate his exceptional oratory skills. His communication style uniquely positions him to tell stories through his podcast, aptly named the "Pete Hill" podcast. The podcast features a discussion on leadership and corporate culture. Pete is pursuing a doctoral degree in leadership and holds graduate-level degrees in human resource management and organizational leadership.


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